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Sports Performance Training - Athletes: Individuals & Groups
TLTS PERFORMANCE aims to enhance performance and fitness from amateur to professional levels. TLTS equips coaches, teams, and individual athletes with sport specific programs and services to get them ready for off-season and in-season training, as well as competitions. Training sessions are intense and uniquely challenging as to push athletes to their mental and physical limits.

Sports Performance Consulting - Teams & Coaches
Sports Performance Consulting is a service for teams and coaches to evaluate the effectivenes of their training programs. A more efficient training program means more time to focus on skill development, not your workout programs.

Non-Athlete Personal Fitness Management
TLTS PERFORMANCE will help you get in better shape, reach your health an fitness goals whether it is loosing weight, gaining muscle,or getting toned. You can also get individual private training or workout in a private group session with your friends and family.

Non-Athlete Group Fitness Training Programs
Learn how to properly lift weights in an intense total body group workout that will challenge your mind and body without the boredom of routine.

Pre-Natal & Post-Partum Wellness Program
TLTS PERFORMANCE and Upper Cumberland Doula Services have partnered together to provide fitness and birthing classes for women to better prepare their minds and bodies for one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of their life: Child Birth and Motherhood. 


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Sports Performance Training
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Non-Athlete Group Fitness Training Programs
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